Wednesday 04 April 2012 – An insight in to Buddhism

As humans we love to learn through story. This is a story like many. May it quench your thirst for wisdom and satisfy deeper understanding and inquisition that dwells deep within you… SS.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 04 April 2012 – An insight in to Buddhism

  1. josephtotten says:

    Great documentary stef,

    The Indian idea of reincarnation affect so much of their lives. It’s fascinating. The impact on their hpilosophy and religion makes it so different to western ways of looking at things. In the western world life is singular, so your worth is the total value of your one life. In the Indian culture there could be infinite lives so the value of your being is the sum of all of your lives. It. Provides a diffent perspective where less emphasis is placed on eh short term and more on the future.



  2. Hi Joe, perhaps this perspective may assist. Its not so much a focus on the future, but rather a greater focus on the present with a sep intrinsic understanding that the present is all that holds relevance. Maintaining the belief of continuous life may assist in bringing more focus to the present because both the conscious and unconscious belief of a “one shot only” attitude is removed. The idea is to limit the cycle of existence anyway. But placing that all aside the importance is to focus on the ‘now’ and be present… SS

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