Thursday 29 March 2012 – An ancient approach ‘remade’

This article represents a different vantage point. It moves away from ‘fixing’ the problem to rather evaluating, identifying and understanding underlying foundational causes and rectifying these. This article represents a train of thought that I agree with, follow and adhere to. ‘Fixing’ our current set of sociocultural issues is the beginning and really only a superficial solution to issues that run far deeper and are embedded deep within our collective psyches and culture. To create positive change and create cultural homeostasis it is imperative we observe closely our social structures which prop up our cultural practices. Particular questions MUST be asked and answered honestly. Such as: Are our current methods of trade efficient and safe? Are our current value systems productive and do they promote balance, wellbeing and ecological growth? Are our cultural practices in the best interests of all or just a select few? What is the role of money? What are our global priorities? And of course many more.

Nothing will change by fixing the perceived or apparent problem (this is simply the first set of many), it’s the underlying causes (plural) that must be addressed constantly. The  issue rests in that our governing organisations and leaders are too busy putting out to many self created and system perpetuating spot fires to be able to focus on what is occurring in the background, the deep rooted and systemic causes which are fuelling these spot fires… SS.

Response to the KONY 2012 phenomena

Capitalism is not working

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