Friday 23 March 2012 – The cycle of life & living

Simply forget about attempting to extract the point of this post immediately. Read first line by line. The meaning will become apparent as you continue to dive deeper in to the abyss of what life is, always was and ultimately becomes…

There are always various vantage points to observing and being part of life. There is never one way to understand any given situation. Sometimes our emotional faculties assume a powerful posture, and from this platform stem many possibilities that may lead to interpretation and action against a particular life circumstance. One may choose to not engage the emotional being and choose to be emotionally distant from the situation; and this would form another posture towards a particular aspect of life circumstances.

Regarding the cyclical nature of life it becomes evident that there are many factors that feed in to what ultimately becomes one’s life. Factors include: physical ability, cognitive function, external support in a multitude of capacities, frame of mind, perceptive status and how one’s life experiences shape who they are and how they face the world; in other words their learned coping mechanisms and ‘life’s strategies’. All of this and more directly feed in to how we behave when faced with the unknown, or rather: the perceived unknown. Why is this the perceived unknown? Because as the title indicates the cycle of life comes full circle. As human beings and human persons we evolve through various cycles of life often repeating what we have already experienced. In reality we know everything we need to know, we have simply forgotten…

To equate most of our elderly population as “large infants” would actually be a fairly accurate statement; applicable to many elderly persons. I mean no judgement here, I mean no slander, nor am I implying a lesser value than any other age group. It is an observatory statement, nothing more. This is not to say that this is the case for all elderly people though but for many the difficulty in physical and cognitive function and the expression of this difficulty becomes prominent with age. Interesting, as babies, we are learning to walk, eat, speak, think, we observe the world with new eyes. As we become older and reach a point where the cognitive mind and the physical body begins to deteriorate we become babylike again, repeating much of what we once were. Our ability to walk and talk, perceive and interpret the world becomes difficult, the major difference is at the ‘end’ of our lives rather than improving upon these functions, they continue to deteriorate.

So, broken down, for the vast majority of us and from the perspective of our memories, we begin from a place of nothingness, we come in to the world and light memories of our early days of existence is present, as we age we accumulate memories and experiences that somewhat shape who we are, what we choose to do with our time and how we behave, we then age, (within our current knowledge and practices physical deterioration is inevitable), our memory becomes light and unclear again and we seem to disappear in to nothingness…

Interesting… Remember at the beginning of this post we spoke of circularity and vantage point. Remember this is one vantage point. If we come from a place of purity of awareness we are enriched with the ability to discover ourselves in different ways. How it has always been is not how it must always be. We are very capable of changing our circumstances through the choices we make throughout our lives. The quality of choices made are dependent on the awareness which engulfs our being. Remember that to a large extent our beliefs shape our outcomes and the way we roll the dice of our own lives, how will you choose to roll the dice of your life?… SS.

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2 Responses to Friday 23 March 2012 – The cycle of life & living

  1. AnitaAnswers says:

    Our experience shape our belief and our belief shape our outcome. This is one truth that I adopt. Thank you for your deep transparency.

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