Saturday 17 March 2012 – What blocks the path of an ‘excellent’ story???

Let us immediately understand what an excellent story may well be. Firstly within this context the excellent story is symbolic of life, it is symbolic of every single person’s life’s path. The excellent story represents the boundlessness of infinite possibility alongside deeply experienced happiness. Within the context of life we will assume for a moment that ‘ultimately’ there are not distinctions, divisions, parallels, or dualities and therefore all life experiences are of great value and carry goodness in their purpose; but whilst being part of a dualistic reality we will further assume that through these so called and known to be ups and downs of life, trials and tribulations that we are to come to a place both internally and externally that represents happiness & joy and that this is intrinsically linked to:

Clarity within oneself
Inwardly directed peacefulness
Greater relational connectedness to one’s external world
A clear perception of love
Life’s purpose & pure fulfilment
And a greater understanding of the intricate operations of the Universe & the governance of life itself.

It may then become clear that every single separate yet connected individual would achieve an excellent story in their own way, through means of their own personal journey/s.

Now that we have established the story of life and generalised its purpose may we have a look at what actually blocks a great story / greatness / achievement / fulfilment / inward & outward progress and peacefulness in all aspects and areas of life?

To simplify this lets us be analogous and use the metaphor of a rolling snowball accelerating down the mountain side, as it rolls it gains momentum and speed, it achieves this by picking up and attaching more snow and other foreign elements, grit, dirts, vegetation and so fourth. As it becomes heavier it becomes faster, as this occurs it becomes more difficult to control. It becomes out of control, consuming all in its path. It has gained such great speed and momentum that to possibly slow it down becomes impossible until it is blocked or stopped by something bigger or more powerful.

It will all make sense in a moment… Here we can discover parallels in our own lives through our choices and emotions. Through the emotional attachments we create and perceive through our own observations and decision making we often make choices with such haste that the speed of these decisions allow no time for reflection. Then, often due to perhaps some preconceived ideology that maintains great value within ones own perception, pride, anger, resentment, fear or even ignorance we continue down a path that ultimately will lead us to perceived failure. Failure in our relationship with ourself and with the external world on all levels… This spirals out of control, this collects, feeds and compounds over great periods of time and like a snowball, the larger it becomes the more dense, impenetrable and more difficult it is to change course, alter behaviours or feelings or even simply stop. Here, unfortunately the individual becomes lost, lost within themselves and lost within negativity. Often the individual can even become pathological and destroy all goodness that was once in them and around them.

Like attracts like and for this we may often find ourselves in a place that we cannot escape, too deep, too much speed moving in this direction and the only way to stop is to stop hard, very hard… This breaks down and destroys the spirit and essence of life. One ill informed, hasty decision without reflection leads to another, leads to another, again compounding, the bigger it becomes the more reality it holds within one’s perception. Remember our perceptions (both at a physiological level and psychological levels) create our drawn out and acted out realities… Mentioned earlier was the sudden stop to put an end to the snowball. As human persons all we need at times is the slightest of flickers of light peering its glow through the cracks of our lives. This light is always there, simply search for it. Even amongst the haste of negativity and despair we still have the ability to acknowledge the light of glory. Please consider the choices, the thoughts, the emotions, the reactions, the dealings you choose to have with yourself and others. Repetition leads to mastery, what will you choose to master in your life??? SS.

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