Sunday 11 March 2012 – Potential…

It constantly amazes me what people have the capacity to experience and achieve… When you awake every morning what is it that you wish to experience? Who is it that you choose to spend your time with? Have you ever asked a simple why?… I wonder what you would have the potential to become if you questioned your existence and then perhaps decided to follow your bliss???… SS.

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5 Responses to Sunday 11 March 2012 – Potential…

  1. josephtotten says:

    follow your bliss… I’ve never heard that phrase… makes you think in a different way about what direction to mov in 🙂

  2. Steve Q says:

    Great post and video mate

  3. Thank you Steve, it is a great video! Joe, the phrase “follow your bliss” comes from an amazing philosopher and wonderful man. His name is Joseph Campbell! Look him up! I am certain you will like him!



  4. joe t says:

    just ordered “myths to live by” on kindle 🙂

  5. Excellent choice my friend, I have another couple of books here at my place from J. Campbell if you want to borrow them?



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