Saturday 03 March 2012 – Self empowerment

An interesting documentary outlining our existence and the innate ability we as human beings possess which ahas the power to change the course of our direction as a collective whole. For too long we have been exposed to information that is not always accurate but serves a particular agenda and often one that maintains social power or mainstream status. Make your own mind up. There is challenging information presented here that may change the way you observe life, but more importantly the way you choose to be… SS.

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3 Responses to Saturday 03 March 2012 – Self empowerment

  1. Joe T says:

    a lot to take in stef… in some ways i can’t help but think that a lot of this documentary is a bit of a crock. It feels almost like a conspiracy theory at points which, me being naturally a bit skeptical, I am automatically less inclined to pay attention to.

    However, there are a lot of good points in there which resonate with me. I believe in individual divinity. I believe that we all need to set our own direction as much as possible, that we need to seek out our own information that will allow us to make our own informed decisions…. certainly that is hard to do in this day and age where we live in a world that is afraid of solitude and self reflection and hence bombards us with stimulus constantly.

    I was brought up in a christian faith (though not practicing an actively turned away from it now) so for me, the idea that we all have our own cross to bear is very powerful. whether you say “cross to bear” or “demons to face” it is all the same.. the cross will always be there, and your cross will be different to mine, equally as dominant in your life as mine is in mine.. but different. I don’t know if it possible to put the cross down, or to slay the demon.. my thoughts are that it is most likely that this is something we as individuals just can’t do because it is part of our very nature. what we can do is to strengthen and condition ourselves to our own cross so that we may bear it with relative ease. to do that, we need to face it…. just like in weight lifting… being scared of the bar isn’t going to make it easier to lift… you need to grow some balls, face the bar, and start lifting… practice… grow physically strong and develop the mental fortitude to know that if you don’t make the lift, there is always the opportunity to try again! and ask you practice the load magically gets lighter 😉

    • Stef says:

      I understand your point about the film documentary appearing to be conspiracy based. I also believe that the reality to represents is a realiuty that many do not want to face for various reasons. I am personally not one for conspiracies, I have no time for them, especially in a world where the media bombards us with negative worldly images, we do not need conspiracy theories to add to that. As humans (individuals and groups), we are already overwhelmed with the current situation where we are struggling to see the positive and see the opportunity to take action and resume control of our own lives in our own way.

      I think an element of life we must all grasp is the interconnectedness of life and the ecology of living. As living beings our journeys are all intimately connected and reliant upon each others actions and existence. This is integral to our own personal journeys. As I said this film will challenge your mind set. Right? Wrong? Not sure, but it stimulates thought, and asks a lot of questions. That is a start… SS

  2. josephtotten says:

    Stef, I agree with the notion of interconnectedness, but not necessarily in the way the film presents it. They seem to suggest that (at least in one example) our electromagnetic vibration affect one another… I suppose that could be true… But I am certainly a lot more pragmatic.

    I don’t deny that there are some people that may be better able to pick up on “the vibe” than others.. Maybe they are intune with the suggestion of our personal vibrations… I think it is more likely that the interconnectedness between people is due to more basic physical cues like body language, verbal language etc… How many times have you walked into a room and felt the tension… Or the happiness. Is it because of our interconnected brains, or is it because we subconsciously observe things we aren’t aware of.

    In the grander sense, global interconnectedness is (to my mind at least) a given. All of my experience in engineering and the sciences tells me that there is a balance and harmony to things that it is wise not to upset. If we do upset it, the system (chemical, biological, ecological) has a way of trying to restore things to either the old balance, or if that isn’t possible to a new balance…. When one part of the system changes, the rest has to chance to accommodate it. We see this in the small scale with chemical buffers… We see it in ourselves where for example bearing weight changes bone density etc.. And we see it in the large scale where our pollution is changing the entire globe.

    I don’t know if this is the best thing we can do.. But at least a good start is to recognize that we aren’t solitary individuals… That we are part of a web/network and that our actions affect others… By acknowledging this hopefully we can then start to act in a way that doesn’t just try to (in our opinion) benefit others, moreover, we should act in a way that benefits the web/network/system.

    Is that possible? I don t know?

    But I do know that you were right… The film did challenge my mindset 😉

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