Thursday 01 March 2012 – Cultural Wisdom matters

There is much beauty that lies at the heart of ancient wisdom… We only need to look to ancestors, their behaviours, their rituals, their beliefs and their interrelation practices. I urge every human person to be diligent in their activity, especially their activity that has direct barring on others and the natural environment. Our current culture has lost touch with what is meaningful, real and what maintains healthy longevity. The positive from all of this is that we also posses the power to realise our potential and human potential. We are beautiful, powerful beings with much to offer each other and that which surrounds us. We are currently lost in our self created cultural clutter, but we can easily undo this by respecting and recognising the value of those before us and the meaningful presence we omit NOW as a human species…Namaste… SS.

The Worldwide Web of Belief and Ritual


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