Wednesday 22 February 2012 – Is it too late?

We function through life with such speed, il-faith and haste in this cultural conundrum we have created for each other that at times we lose sight of what has substance and meaning in our lives; and ultimately what has the greatest of importance. We lose touch with who we truly are, and in fact what we actually become is the fast paced society we are a part of. We become what we follow, ultimately becoming drones. Coupled with this loss of self in its purest form, we also lose touch with our relationships and the integrity of these relationships… This perceived and actual loss of true self, in part is a natural by-product of the self perpetuating cultural construct we have created for ourselves; and is an accurate account for what occurs and is experienced in lives of many. We either become so busy that we forget the importance of not only our loved ones but the importance of all living beings and the integral part that others play in our own successes and quite simply, our own existence…

It is sad to think that we force ourselves to be so busy or so preoccupied with abstract concepts that have been self created by an overindulgent society that we genuinely forget what is important. We chase an elusive yearning for more materialistic possession and in this blind pursuit of meaningless hoarding we actually lose what has the potential to make us great in an esoteric sense… It is only when our loved ones are removed from our scope of closeness that we then realise the importance of relationships and knowing ones self deeply. I only wish that we all have the ability to prioritise and balance an existence where love for self and love for others takes priority; we have the ability to make these choices. I believe this is possible; easy, perhaps not but possible. It is about finding balance in ones life and having a greater understanding of what is true real in a meaningful and everlasting sense. Our sensory faculties sometimes confuse us and steer us away from the beauty of living.

I wish not to dictate to individuals how to live their lives, I am simply requesting that even for a moment we shift our value systems to one that is more inclusive… What would be your last thoughts or yearning’s when your physical life is coming to an end? Money, the latest fashion, the newest sports car, a mansion? The accumulative materialistic list goes on. OR, rather would loved ones by your side, memorable experiences with the beautiful and timeless essence of the natural world and the special people that have in ultimate affect shaped who you are and what you have given the world be what you crave? Be driven not by abstract notions of a fake life but rather allow the love for yourself and the deepened love for others lay the foundations of what is real, what is meaningful and what maintains bliss within your spirit. SS.


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3 Responses to Wednesday 22 February 2012 – Is it too late?

  1. It seems to me, that after we figure out who we are and what is important to us, it should be us that figures out what we want, thereby dictating what we do.

    Sometimes who we are and who we want to be aren’t the same thing.. no matter, just identifying this means that we have a path to follow that is of our choosing.

    sometimes we have to be dictated to. sometimes its because life deals us a situation that is not of our making. sometimes its because we have to sacrifice the now for the future we want. .. Ultimately though, what we do, what we buy, who we interact with on a regular basis and how caught up we get in our lives is all up to us…

    once you recognise this, it can be quite liberating 🙂

  2. joe t says:

    weird things happened with the name ???

    above comment by Joe T 😉

  3. joe t says:

    ok, lets try that again.. my original posted response stuffed up.. ah well.

    Take 2:

    it seems to me that once you figure out who you are and what you want out of life you are in a position to begin dictating what you do with your life.

    Sometimes, who you are and who you want to be aren’t the same thing…. No matter. just recognising this gives you a path to tread that is of your own choosing.

    There are also times where life deals you a situation that is not in your control. In these cases there isn’t much to do except ride it out. I have also found that you can choose to be dictated to… a short term sacrifice for a long term strategic advantage.

    Ultimately though, its in our control. If we know who we are and want we want we can choose our path, choose our purchases, choose our friends and choose whats important to us.

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