Tuesday 14 February 2012 – Love

In the Christian world today is celebrated as a day of love. Not only recognising love itself  but more importantly recognising the person you are ‘romantically’ in love with. Although this is a beautiful gesture, I feel love is something that should be practiced every moment of one’s existence. Love presents itself in many ways, how will love be present in your life, right now, today? SS.

The origins of Valentines Day


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One Response to Tuesday 14 February 2012 – Love

  1. Christian says:

    It has always bugged me that modern culture needs a ‘special day’ for people to show affection and express themselves emotionally.

    Valentines day seems similar to Christmas as ultimately at the heart of both of these days, they are focused on allowing us to feel and express connectedness with others. Maybe its just me, but it seems that the overt commercialisation and focus on material gifts/dinners/flowers/jewellery and the associated stress that comes with these, in some ways impedes us from sincerely connecting and ‘being’ with those that we are close to?

    ‘I feel love is something that should be practiced every moment of one’s existence’

    I think you summed it up perfectly and captured the crux of the matter. If everyday you practice connecting to others as well as yourself with kindness and expressing yourself sincerely, these special days become somewhat meaningless.

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