Monday 06 February 2012 – A face in the crowd…

Have you ever stopped to gaze? Gaze around you, what do you see? Who do you feel near you? Why is it that we are so fearful to look in to each other’s eyes? Are we scared we may know that person, truly know who they are, what they feel, their story? If you wish to know another simply look in to their eyes, with sincerity and love look in to their eyes. You will find greatness, sadness, love, peace, anger, sorrow, joy, confusion, and the list goes on… The importance of all of this is that you have taken the time to learn about another and you have shown care and love for another living being. Sometimes we all yearn to be known, break down cultural and self imposed psychological barriers by allowing yourself to deeply look in to anthers eyes. If you give another your time by being real with them you have given them a gift of life and yourself the gift of growth… SS.


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