Tuesday 31 January 2012 – An openness of being…

More often than not, true empathy and compassion has the potential to open within every human being, this openeing is known as the heart centre. Often, when our ‘hearts are open’ and the outside world is illustrated through this perceptive, our feeling vantage point alters dramatically and we often understand the world quite differently. Imagine for one moment if every single human person of current powerful influence opened their hearts and felt what so much of humanity feels every waking moment. Despair, pain, anguish, sadness, anger, confusion and much more. I am not simply referring to those who are homeless, ravaged by war or have nothing to eat, I am referring to all those individuals who feel pain daily because they simply lack the understanding, awareness or perhaps courage to embrace and recognise their personal pain. If these individuals and groups of great power and influence could feel not only what others felt but what they themselves feel in its purest form, I believe that we would live in a world far different to what exists now. Our world and all the living beings that occupy it are beyond beautiful. We must accept and embrace this truth before beauty has not the opportunity to shine any longer… SS.

Peaceful Beach

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