Friday 27 January 2012 – Challenge & enquiry

There are a number of important factors involved in achieving understanding.

1. We must humbly challenge what we know and who we know.

2. We must immerse ourselves in perceived truth, this entails us feeling, doing and being what we perceive to be true – Action!

3. We must go beyond human doubt and immerse ourselves in faith. Faith in ourselves and the path we tread.

4. We must believe nothing until we have done for ourselves.

5. Face your reality, do not fear, do not run, do not ignore.

Even great minds of our time must be challenged sometimes, not always, but sometimes… There are interesting points raised within this short clip. For me personally, some maintain validity, some do not. It also raises questions of subjective vs objective reality. What is important here is that one contemplates deeply these possibilities of reality and what works for you… SS

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2 Responses to Friday 27 January 2012 – Challenge & enquiry

  1. Joe T says:

    another thought provoking post stef. I can’t speak for all of them, but number 1 and number 5 are things i know something about….

    1) challenge who we know…. although we like and love our friends, i am a big believer in the notion that we reflect those that we associate with. if your friends hold you back then it is time to move on. not easy to do.. but sometimes necessary to get where you want to go. i’ve been through this. I’m still friends with those i left behind.. but we aren’t as close as we once were.

    5) in a personal sense i understand all too well. i was 33, over weight and unhappy… no point denying it… just had to face up to it. that was the first step in solving the problem. still a long way to go, but since cross fit (and the associated fitness, weight and health changes that came with it) life is much better.

    I also see this (or a lack thereof) a lot in business. bosses and managers can’t see what is clearly there… they make excuses for what the data is telling them, or rationalise what the data says through bullish!t… it doesn’t work.. business and life gets better when you are objective about what is going on… well maybe not better.. but ignorance is no way to live



  2. Insightful thoughts Joe, thank you for you for sharing, your points resonate with me pertaining to a period in my life I am currently experiencing also!

    Keep up the hard work…


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