Monday 23 January 2012 – Life as we ‘know’ it…

What actually occurs within oneself when apparent or perceived disaster attacks? How does one react, act, perceive, believe, feel, be, action their thought, their feelings, treat others, behave; how does one simply understand when one feels there is nothing left to understand? When life as one knows it simply disappears and a distinctly new approach to lifemust absolutely be had in order to quite simply survive, what course of action does one take?… Is this passage thus far slightly elusive? Allow me to elaborate if I may…

One’s quality and type of life as one knows and understands life is based upon experiences that one absorbs, interprets and processes. These experiences are all perceived; and in basic language they are perceived as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The more ‘good’ experiences we engage in, the ‘better’ we feel about life and ourselves and simply put when we feel better we relate and function better. Either way, our understanding of what is real will be enhanced through exposure to certain direct and indirect experiences. Now this is where it becomes interesting…

All these experiences and interpretations of these experiences compounded over time form a complex myriad of the self in some way shape or form. These compounded experiences produce our identity, how we associate with the external world, the quality of our relationships, our behaviours and actions, personalities and basically all interactions with our selves and the world around us… Here is the difficulty the human condition often encounters. Any distinct deviation of what we hold to be true, ‘what life should be like’, real, possible or ‘the norm’ disrupts our way of being. Amongst other feelings, and emotions (which generally govern our state of being) this disruption causes anxiety, frustration and often despair, unless we practice and have a greater & deeper understanding of the following:

1. Our life’s path, the journey we are on, know self and you know life.

2. A deeper understanding of the meanings of our personal story; our personal meaning for existence as connected to the greater whole of existence.

3. Life’s ways. Simply put; a greater insight in to how and why life (the Universe) moves in the pattern in which it moves within.

4. The practice of true empathy towards all life – this act in and of itself will propel the human condition towards a state of being that is pure and internally still.

Our anxiety can be avoided by knowing wholly and true the above four points. One of our  important goals in life is to achieve clarity and deep understanding of self and the world surrounding the self. If there is anxiety, confusion and doubt which is clouded with pain and the perception that pain is ‘bad’, we shall never be at a place where everything is simply ok and understood… Place not a value on experience in terms of understanding your experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Your experiences can have [in part] an identity of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ (largely because we are constrained by time which is intrinsically linked to a dualistic reality), but do not place an ultimate reality and understanding on each experience based on ‘good’ and / or ‘bad’. This will only disrupt the flow of your existence and your being. Rather understand life as a series of experiences that are all of benefit & growth and allow them to allow you to gain deeper insight in to who you are, how you react and what you do within that space. Remember, we all have choices, train your mind to choose wisely. What will your choices be?… SS.


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