Sunday 15 January 2012 – Loneliness & Aloneness

What is it about loneliness that scares so many of us? Why is loneliness or being on one’s own frowned upon? Loneliness holds the key to a world of joy, a world of discovery and a world where an individual has the ability to know themselves so deeply and clearly that worldly matter may just fall by the way side if this fear of being with one’s self would simply dissipate… Now there is a vast difference between being alone, being lonely and being with one’s self. These differences come in the form of internalised perception and the varied states of being that we partake in at different stages of our lives. What is important is that we recognise value in all states of being…

Aloneness: Physically being isolated from other human beings or living beings. This can but will not always lead to a feeling of loneliness.

Loneliness: The feeling and perception of being alone. Even if we have people or other living beings surrounding us. This state of being is slightly more complex and involves pyscho-social interpretations of self. This also involves feelings of worthlessness, uselessness, inadequacy, internalised imbalance and so fourth. Also associated with the dark night of the soul.

Being with oneself: Often associated with the comfort of being with oneself and to be here in this space it entails one knowing themselves deeply. One would have a deeper understanding and appreciation not only of self, but the way the world ‘works’. This involves self awareness, situational intellect, wisdom and a grounded awareness of one’s social surroundings.

Fear encompasses and promotes loneliness. Remain in fear and your life will remain void of all that is beautiful and truly real… SS.


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