Monday 09 January 2012 – True understanding

It is not possible to truly and deeply understand somebody or something outside of our own frame of reference without knowing and applying the following:

1. We must be truly present. This entails us coming from the perspective of the ever present and intuitive heart, not the analytical mind which references experiences of the past and projects towards the future.

2. We must practice compassion and empathy. Understanding others and their circumstances can only come about in the way of being immersed in compassion and empathy.

3. We must be love. If we come from a place of love then we have the capacity to truly care and be sincere in the choices we make in understanding others and their own personal circumstances.

The above must be well balanced with maintaining self integrity and not compromising extensively nor negatively one’s own personal values. Nor is it wise to hurt others in this process of understanding. Be free within yourself and your truth shall free others. SS

Deep mountains

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