Saturday 07 January 2012 – Who are you?

Have you ever pondered the question of who you are? Who am I? Carefully contemplate this deep question. The answer to this question does not necessarily revolve around what you do to occupy your time and space, but rather who and what are you being when doing what you are doing? Are you engaged in ‘being-ness’ when doing what you are doing? The next question to ask is what is the difference between being and doing? The answer here is not that difficult. When we are ‘being’ we are engaging in aspects of ourselves that assists us in recognising our deeper truths. For example, if we are being patient, if we are being love, if we are being sincere, if we are being truthful, if we are being humble; we are actually opening up ourselves to discovering what it truly means to be human. Encompass the true meaning of giving by being and you encompass what it actually means to be human, to be spirit and to be real… SS.

Discovery of truth

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