Tuesday 03 January 2012 – Attachment & Pain…

Have you ever remained silent and still and simply observed life and all that it brings?Have you ever remained silent and still and simply given thought to what life contains? Have you ever considered the purpose/s of life, your life and what each experience means to you? Have you ever contemplated the way we build our lives, our existence and our essence around a purpose, person or ideal? Further, how this affects who and what we are and who we become through these experiences? It is the interpretation and perception of these experiences that shape our behaviours and reactions to natural events which occur in life day in and day out… An example if I may?… I often look at human interaction and am amazed by the emotional attachments we create amongst ourselves. It is truly beautiful to watch lovers interact and build their world around each other. There will be a time when this physical connection must be severed, this is naturally a part of our existence. Our strength must come in a higher understanding, seeking understanding that provides us with clarity surrounding this apparent loss or separation. Sadness and pain  are a part of life, but being unhappy is not healthy for our personal growth and our existence. I feel deeply for those who lose loved ones and find it difficult to understand the process. We attach so much emotion and memory to our experiences that we find it difficult to see beyond what is real and what is happening. Imagine we all simply had an inner knowing that lead us to a place we that knowing created a comfort within that drove us to be at peace with ourselves? Now that is a beautiful thing… SS.

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