Thursday 22 December 2011 – The Pelican…

Pelicans are a beautiful large bird that are found on all continents of the world except Antarctica. They are social birds often seen feeding and flying together in groups.

Pelicans are associated with Christ consciousness due to the compassion and love they show for their young. When there is no food available a mother Pelican will peck her own breast to feed her young. Pelicans are therefore a symbol of charity and selflessness putting others ahead of oneself in times of need. Pelicans, despite their large size are incredibly light, making them very buoyant in the water and capable of ascending to great heights in the sky, symbolically representing the ability to naturally rise above emotional issues and troubles.

Many things can weigh us down including material objects, emotional burdens including anger, resentment and grief. Pelican medicine encourages letting go of these burdens which keep our spirit weighed down. By showing unconditional love and forgiveness for oneself and others we are can soar to new heights, able to see our situation from a new fresh perspective.

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