Sunday 20 November 2011 – Seasons

Have you ever wondered the importance of the seasons? Have you ever gazed up in to the night sky on winters evening, held on to that feeling and then done the same on a warm, balmy summers night? What do the seasons symbolise, what can they represent for you? Let us explore the meaning of all this by contemplating the symbolism behind each season and then extending this body of wisdom further to our own personal experiences… Below is some food for thought found on the wonderful worldwide web… SS.

Autumn – Sensing Changes 
• Knowing and acknowledging that changes are in the air
• Preparing for a safe refuge where you get ready for the developments ahead
• Staying open & worry-free and securing networks and support

Early Winter – Retreating and Reflecting 
• Allowing yourself to feel tired, confused and unhappy
• Creating quiet time, turning inwards
• Reflecting on where we are, what we want and our ideals
• Time for renewing yourself

Winter – Hoping in the darkness 
• Being in the dark, waiting for insights to emerge
• Turning things upside down and looking at life from different perspectives
• Deciding on things that are enough – drawing lines in the sand
• Finding a new story about our past and testing new doors to the future

Late Winter – Defining the Vision 
• Following the Insights wherever they take you
• Clearing spaces – physically, mentally and emotionally
• Creating a plan for the future

Spring – Growing 
• Giving birth to the plans and the new you
• Planting the right seeds
• Bursting with energy and momentum
• Trusting one’s own timing

Summer – Celebrate your Harvest 
• Being clear, confident and living abundantly
• Allowing the new fruits in your life to ripen at its own time
• Celebrating success, playing and enjoying

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