Monday 31 October 2011

I often wonder why the relational aspect of self struggles to not only reconcile with its own understanding but also with the external world? Why is it that as human interaction takes place on a daily basis we are at struggle to communicate, we struggle to express ourselves? I would not assume for a moment that this is permanent for all, nor would I state that this happens often for some. It is true though that as history and contemporary times show, as human beings we lack effective communication skills quite often and in various situations… We seem to speak at eachother rather than to eachother. This creates a tremendous disconnect between who we are, who want to be and what we truly wish to express with another.

I often wonder why it is difficult at times to express an inner truth that yearns to be expressed to another? Fear comes to mind; fear of the unknown, fear of not being understood, fear of being judged, fear of pain for the other, for oneself… I can only ask that as human persons engaging in a human experience, we not only consider others, but we consider our own truth. We move to motivate ourselves to express this truth in a way that those that are meant to know you in whatever capacity have the ability to do so. Perhaps we can do this by relinquishing fears and striving for an ultimate expression of self defined by an unshackled and ‘free’ being… SS

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