Friday 21 October 2011 – Friendship

What are the foundations of friendship? Can everyone be ‘friends’? As human persons, are our minds open enough to deeply connect with various people of the world? More importantly, do we actually need this? Is this constant connection with all who we come in contact with necessary and even possible? Can our minds absorb, process, understand and our body’s feel this from all people that we encounter? If I were to ask you describe your friends, how may you respond? If I were to ask you for a set of criteria in determining friendship, doe sthis checklist exist, should this checklist exist? If I were to ask you how many friends do you have that you actually consider friends, what would you say? If I were to ask you about ‘time’ in relation to determining ‘real’ and meaningful friendships, what may you say to this? Are friends even necessary for our own pychosocial / biosocial existence? SS.

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