Tuesday 27 September 2011 – Empathy and humanity’s direction

Has the clutter of our culture divided our ability and potential with our current practices and behavioural patterns? I wonder where we go if we droped the facade and beocme us again? I wonder and simultaneously wish… SS

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One Response to Tuesday 27 September 2011 – Empathy and humanity’s direction

  1. fay gibbs says:

    (Attached Global Conflict-Response Initiative.)
    ‘ENTHUSIASM’——— 2009-2013
    Compiled extraordinary collaborating program
    directly relating to re-creating corrupted core-
    values and cultural conflict resolution.
    Addressed to: ,
    With Compliments,
    Julia Ramsay, —
    Volunteer Social/ Environmental Reform Worker
    WARMICH-AUSTRALIA warmich28(at)bigpond.com
    Personal note: Humanity’s response-action towards
    preventing human suffering, overpopulation and
    consumption of non-renewable natural resources is
    not working. Humanity’s inability to safely negotiate
    deadly pharmaceutical agendas and psychosomatic
    self-destructive emotional mind-traps is flourishing.
    Toxic self-sacrificing waste-programs are designed to
    capitalize on ridding the Earth of unwanted life.
    That’s the old news. Are we ready for the real truth?

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