Monday 19 September 2011 – Animal Agribusiness: A disgusting offshoot of our current economic paradigm…

Put simply, in the pursuit of monetary profit accompanied by greed, our food production practices which feeds so many privileged individuals is literally destroying us. Food, something that should enhance our existence and its nutrients which is to build our well-being is actually destroying us at a cellular and molecular level. Our immune systems are being compromised. How long must we endure long-term, covert suffering in the immediate and short-term, narrow sighted pursuit of monetary profit. How do we make a difference and stand our ground? Our agricultural industry is geared to sustain monetary profit. It does not revolve around long-term health, wellbeing and vitality. It prioritizes efficient business practices and this is not defined by the integrity of animal welfare and preparing animal meat for safe and healthy consumption but rather whatever produces the greatest amount of volume in order to generate the greatest amount of profit. What happens in the interim simply does not matter to these large profit driven organisations. Healthy food for the purpose of a life-sustaining principle not materialistic glory… SS

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