Saturday 17 September 2011 – Current technological feats

Have you ever asked yourself when does science fiction become science fact? Following this have you ever asked yourself why so many of these already working and successful technologies have not replaced technologies which yes, may serve a function within our current paradigm but within the same process are outdated due to the many negative consequences of this function to which they currently serve. There are other technologies minus the negative side effects and consequences to the Earth… Here is a hint… The monetary system is a good place to start. Although this issue is multifaceted in nature and is highly controversial if you choose to look deeper in to the core of our current systemic structures you may find great flaws, limitations and hold backs within this system. For me, the purpose of this short documentary is not to outline humanity’s current technological breakthroughs but rather to elicit the question. Why is it that if a technology is exists that is more efficient, more superior and simply safer, why is it that it is not known amongst circles of the general public? Why is it not mainstream? Answer this and you may find the social systems in which we have created for ourselves are inherently flawed… SS

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