Friday 09 September 2011 – Local Organics

I have been contemplating the fact that I believe there are many of us who actually want to eat ‘normal’. I have never appreciated this word for various reasons, but I feel has value within the context of this discussuion… To me eating normal should initially be defined as pesticide, chemical, growth hormone and GMO FREE!!! And for the time being I will leave it at that. Food is meant to be eaten to sustain and enhance quality of life, this is its genetic purpose. Its purpose is not to maintain life with a slight maintanence of head above water whilst simulatneously destroying the living being slowly at a cellualar level… This is the job of human designed and made pharmaceuticals; solve one issue and create another (but let’s stay away from that tangent). I will keep this simple, below is a short list of local producers of various organic products around the Perth, Western Australia local area. If you do not live in Perth it is quite easy to simply jump on to a search engine and look up local organic producers. The more we engage in local, organic produce the greater the demand will be! The only way to elicit change is to be the change. I am also aware of the cultural and biophysical implications of eating meat (again, a tangent I wish not to go in to now). The concept of tipping point is crucial to major and drastci change. I do not advocate moving to organic produce is going to solve our global sociocultural and geopolitical issues. These issues are multifacetd and ecological in nature, what we must do is simply act upon the change we want to be. It all starts with a first step… SS.

Perth Organics
Mimsbrook Biodynamic/Organic Food Store
Organic Green
Fresh Line Organics
Manna Wholefoods
Paynehamvale Organics
Baramba Organics
Precious Organics

The above should get you started, enjoy!

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One Response to Friday 09 September 2011 – Local Organics

  1. Laila says:

    Alive Organics for those who live north of the River too

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