Monday 05 September 2011 – Knowing yourself through intensity…

If you ask those who spend an abundant of time on their own hurting, sweating, bleeding and suffering immense pain you will find what motivates them in doing so varies greatly from individual to individual. There is however a common by-product of this solitude spent at often high intensities. That perhaps ‘accidental’ commonality is an enhanced modality of self discovery. When we spend time familiarising ourselves with certain systems or our work or whatever interest it is that intrigues us we inherently become ‘better’ at it. Like so, this principle applies to the self. The more time we spend with ourselves, especially in the realm of high intensity pain and suffering the better we know who we are, our physiological and psychological limits, our percieved thresholds and what we can achieve if and when we choose to… The reason being is that this pain and intense discomfort has much to teach the weary individual, it narrows itself to survival and what you must do in order to flourish and survive well… Do not be afraid of pain, do not fear knowing yourself through spending lengthy time with yourself whilst hurting and whilst simply being who you are with yourself. These are the moments of self discovery that matter the most, these moments are what define you and shape your existence to the rest of the world… More importantly these moments define who you are for you… SS.

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2 Responses to Monday 05 September 2011 – Knowing yourself through intensity…

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi, I came across your blog when I was researching high intensity training and how to mentally and physically to push through the pain. I really appreciate this post.

    For the past 10 years I have been struggling with health issues that have prevented me from doing almost any kind of training. At the end of last year I finally uncovered the source of my ongoing health issues and had surgery earlier this year. Since the surgery, I have been increasing my training, mainly Crossfit, swimming and cycling in preparation for my first triathlon season at the end of this year. This is the best I have felt in as long as I can remember! I know my physical strength and endurance will improve with time and consistent training but I am struggling with the mental aspect.

    For so many years, if I felt any kind of pain or fatigue when training, I would stop doing what I was doing at the risk of becoming unwell. Now I no longer have those issues, I need to find a way to push through the pain. Do you have any tips or recommendations on how to improve one’s mental ability to withstand pain when training? I have entered the Primal Pairs competition at the end of this month as a way to encourage/test myself as I am sure it is going to be a challenge!

  2. Hi Katrina, great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words! I would love to further discuss your questions with you. I will contact you via email and perhaps we could have a chat, keep your eyes open for similar posts on ‘mental toughness’



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