Saturday 03 September 2011 – Planned obsolescence

A very interesting short documentary on the history and continual perpetuation of what is known as planned obsolescence… This insightful documentary outlines the historical steps which were taken in prioritising an economic framework by which current cultural practices are driven by. Although not lengthy, nor detailed in information but rather using broad brush strokes to explain its point; it touches on various subject matter entagled within the theme of planned obsolescence. One of these themes being that of despair regarding the way in which the Western paradigm operates and treats develping nations which are occupied with human and other living beings with a total lack of respect. This is quite emotive, largely due to the powerful presence of consumerism, economic growth and product creation for the sake of monetary profits and how this impacts negatively the people of the devloping world. Pardon the ‘foreign to English’ subtitles for the first few minutes. SS

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