Tuesday 30 August 2011 – Stillness

Our self constructed world is busy, we have made it busy, busy within the clutter of our minds, busy externally to our own minds. This self inflicted perpetual cycle of ‘business’ is a distraction from what is actually real. When was the last time you actually stopped being busy or stopped having to be somewhere or do something? When was the last instance you just sat down and were quiet and peaceful? When was the last time you simply did what you felt like, did not adhere to appointments, time, schedules, social and cultural norms and simply you just were? It is both empowering and enlightening to simply sit and be… Every single person has a place and space within themselves that takes them to a content and joyous state of being. It is a state of present mindfulness that expresses itself through a quiet and calm mind. Do what you must to get to that space. Why? Because it will save you from the you our world has created… It will reveal a truth about yourself that does not require external feedback, it will give you peace, not distress, it will give you an ever present feeling of calmness not anxiety. Read a book, watch an old childhood movie, immerse yourself in the ocean, dream of far away places or simply just be and be still. Stillness is an ever glowing path to realisation of self. If you not know who you are, you will never know what it is to live… SS.

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