Wednesday 24 August 2011 – Our inner knowing…

At no instant are we honestly at a loss about what steps to take, what decision to make.  Each of us is both guarded guided by an inner voice that we occasionally tune in on, but more frequently tune out.  We may have defined the inner voice as conscience.  However, it’s not important what we think it is; it’s only important that we acknowledge it.  The inner voice is our special connection to the spiritual realm, a network that links us all, whether we acknowledge it or not.

The choice to listen to the inner message is a ready option, and it will never fail to benefit us.  As we familiarize ourselves with it, and trust it enough to act as directed, we’ll glory in both the comfort and the sureness of the action we take.  We sense that we’re not alone.  Even when no other human is present, we’re not alone. Always we are connected to the spirit-energy that inspires us all to right action. Author Unknown.

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