Saturday 20 August 2011 – Past, present, future…

The end can never justify the means; The means is life, as we live it, in the present moment. When we read of aged paupers who die on a bare mattress stuffed with
cash, we recognize their delusion; but at times we can lose that clarity and find ourselves justifying practices that we know are undesirable in the service of a desired end.

Means that involve injustice or deprivation are never justifiable. We cannot ignore experience. We have our sights set on a law degree of a sports car, but the experience of law school and of budgeting for the car are what we live. The quality of our life isn’t measured by our degrees or possessions but by our behaviour. If we have love and fulfilling work, nothing else matters.

Let’s concentrate on today; it;s all we have. Within this day, we have many choices and a rich texture of experience. We can’t control the outcome; the moment is within our grasp. We must seize it, savor it, learn from it; it is life itself.

“Not the fruit of experience, but the experience itself, is the end.” Author Unknown.

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