Tuesday 16 August 2011 – Why???

I often wonder why it is that in life we do not question our thoughts nor are we intrinsically aware of where our thoughts take us. Have you ever wondered why you are where you are? What path have you followed to bring you to the space that you occupy this very moment? Did you create this path? Did you will this path? Have you noticed all the nuances and intricacies along the way, of have you missed the detail with a focus on a perceived ‘something greater’? Are you in control of your own ideas, thoughts, inspirations, emotions, breath and life itself? Or are you told what to eat, think, feel, where to go and what to do with what you have? Do you perhaps feel restricted in even asking a simple why am I here and what am I doing? Do not be afraid to ask why, for the asking of why may lead you to the knowing of truth. Why must we know truth you may ask? Good question, thank you for asking… To know truth is to experience a level of inner comfort, tranquility and balance that external forces and materialistic accumulation cannot provide the individual with. Truth in all its form and glory will lead the individual to such a deep understanding of one’s surroundings (inner and outer) that emotional, spiritual and pycho-social ease within is attained. To know this, to truly know this is to know one’s existence. The more of us that ask why and spend sincere energy in searching rather than energy in to mundane tasks of unnecessary self created cultural survival exists a greater capacity for every single one of us to achieve complete greatness. SS.

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