Sunday 31 July 2011

I often ponder what the purpose of life is? I am often told that the purpose of life is whatever you are doing now… Engaging in an interesting conversation with a close friend of mine I began to contemplate the perceived complexity of life and I then began to contemplate humanity, the Earth’s existence and how the Earth exists in a system which is perfect for harbouring what we know to be life… Why? SHould I ask why? Am I wasting my time and energy, thoughts and motions in asking why? When one begins to achieve circumstantial and situational awareness, one then begins to contemplate why? I know many who contemplate why, some do this overtly, some maintain this questioning deep within the chambers of their own mind. I wonder would it be easier to simply have nothing? I am a believer that even nothing is something, so within this instance I refer to nothing as the removal of life and existence as we know it.

Let us pause for a brief moment, I am not suggesting the non existence of life, I am suggesting life was shaped differently. I am the first to recognise all the beauty, goodness, sincerity and realness every human person has the potential to offer, what disgruntles me is what we have moved away from and what we continue to create. It is this life that as a collective being we continue to perpetuate through greed, single mindedness, selfish behaviour and a blindness to what we are doing not only to ourselves but to the facility that houses not only our existence but many other living beings. It is the life of our collective value systems that must be challenged wholly in order for us to break free of the strong hold our culture has on our behaviours and actions. I only ask we question, we seek for betterment for all of humanity, we are all ecologically connected by nature, there are no dividing walls from region to region, only self created abstract lines… Think deeply about how every action we partake in may affect who we are or who we are avoiding to actually become… SS

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3 Responses to Sunday 31 July 2011

  1. hajvan doktor says:

    quality bratce x

  2. Laila says:

    Reflection and questioning your existance, asking the question “why”, is perhaps what gives life purpose and meaning. Could it be that this very reflection is what gives value and purpose to life?
    Is it easier to have nothing? Of course, but what of having it easier? What is it about “easier” that appeals? What motivates one’s thought to seek out the easier path? It would be easier not to climb the mountain, to stay in the valley below where comfort and safety surrounds, yet the view from the valley is not the view from the peak of the mountain.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly Laila, it is the questioning of why that can lead to great and deep inward experience. This questioning can be the beginning of a cultivation of deep reflection and an exploration of wisdom and truth… I truly believe that before freedom of ease may take place within oneself we must pass through emotions, feelings and experiences of difficulty. Whether or not this experience presents itself in the form of an unconscious or conscious experience is not of relevance but rather what is, is the occurrence itself.



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