Thursday 21 July 2011

A brief introduction to what the Zemerge project is:
What if there was a way to structure and run a society that would become the truly best we can do, a society that:

Maximizes human happiness and wealth.
Minimizes human suffering and despair.
Reaches an equilibrium point of long term sustainability.
Achieves the highest degree of freedom, diversity, and progress.
Attains the highest standard of living of all individuals of the present and the future.
In other words, a society that persists to strive towards optimality.

How can we conceptualize and attain this society? – perhaps by observing how nature deals with optimization. Consider the genetic algorithms of life and their ability to strive for optimality and equilibrium through concepts such as self-preservation, diversity, and natural selection.

Imagine that our society model was represented by a virtual organism, each of us would be viewed as a cell in this organism – cooperation not competition would be favored for the cells while each organism would compete against other organisms. Now suppose we could simulate any particular social schema that consists of all the possible social phenomena inside this conceptual virtual organism. Let these organisms exist in a virtual landscape where natural selection would favor the organisms that become more optimal from the feedback of the current generation of people.

The generation of the time would contour and shape this virtual environment through constant feedback and decisions on what version of alternatives everyone in the community prefers. Since evolution would weed out the inefficient, irrelevant, and damaging social traits from the pool of organisms, what would emerge is a series of traits or social options for the current generation to choose from. This is how we get the optimal society model using genetic algorithms and social simulations, it is the ultimate democracy fueled by evolution.

Part II to come…

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