Friday 15 July 2011 – Deeply Moving

The following documentary is subject matter I am extremely passionate about; in essence social justice! An extremely thought provoking, emotive and powerfully moving documentary on our current understanding of how poverty fits in to our Western dominated paradigm. A fairly detailed synopsis of where poverty stems from, how it was created and how it has been systemically sustained through our current economic model of Capitalism. Do yourself a favour, spend the time to watch this carefully. It deeply outlays the processes by which colonialism (which has ultimately lead to current paradigms of corporatism) manipulated and destroyed the lives, culture and locality of many Indigenous peoples from various geographical lands to benefit the wealthy. Please pass this to those who you know may benefit from this or that it may be of interest to.

One human being alone will only make s difference if a 1000 more stand firmly behind him or her, support each other and we may then support growth towards betterment… SS.

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One Response to Friday 15 July 2011 – Deeply Moving

  1. Tereena says:

    This is a wonderful documentary. Thankyou.

    The statistics provided are just horrifying:
    1 billion people living on < $1 per day
    162 million of those people living on < 50c per day
    16000 children dying everyday from hunger or hunger-related diseases


    Just looking at two web sites featuring The Dominion Group that have set up in Kenya ( and highlights the difference in spin most people come to know about what is going on in the world…these sites give a much different perspective about their presence in Kenya than was felt and expressed by the original land owners.

    I completely agree with the ideas put forward for change:
    1. International debt generated as a consequence of enslavement must be forgiven
    2. Changes to tax systems must occur
    3. Land reform must occur
    4. Privitisation of natural resources must end
    5. There must be a general exiting from the religion of 'growth'…there is enough…REDISTRIBUTION, REAPPROPRIATION & SHARING MUST OCCUR

    Hmmmmm…so much…makes me angry and sad…thanks again for sharing
    Tereena xx

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