Wednesday 01 June 2011

“If we were to contemplate and understand humanity’s concept of time as a reference point to our eternal existence and then compare this illusionary belief in supremacy with that of the natural world, I believe humanity would be truly humbled. Throughout ancient traditions and Eastern cultures, age is generally associated with wisdom and is held in high regard. Throughout Western culture, age is generally not valued as something great or seen in such a positive light. The example of construction and creation shines light through the cracks in the darkness. The greatest of workers are not human beings nor man made objects of destruction, it is but the persuasiveness of water and the circularity of air working in unison with their surroundings to over untold amounts of time create the greatest mountains, the deepest chasms, the calmest oceans and the greatest biodiversity that may ever be known. Perhaps current social trends within a Western paradigm at large miss this point when it comes to the treatment of humanity and nature alike”. SS.

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