Thursday 28 April 2011

Conditioning through external means is one of many ways by which our behaviour and actions are influenced; at every turn on the path of life our living being absorbs our external environment, including: experiences we partake in, wisdom learnt, knowledge gained, attitudes expressed, beliefs practiced and more. It is the difficult job of both the emotional intellect and the analytical mind to choose of the plethora of information to keep and what then to discard. Be mindful to choose what is useful, but how? One must diligent in executing this with care. Reflection on what maintains meaning to you must take priority alongside the openness to constant self evaluation and the realization that our world is always changing. With this acceptance we operate form a point of doing rather than trying and we become aware that we must also change and adapt with the world around us. In this life we should only do; once we have done sit back and enjoy the ride, the time to change again will not be too far away… SS

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